Thank you Shoutout Atlanta!!

Hey ya’ll! Long time, no blog post… but we’re back! We have something exciting to share with everyone! Recently, Shoutout Atlanta featured Nile in their local stories! It’s always exciting when Nile gets to showcase their talent and talk about their art, and it’s always a big deal for us! Nile, we love and celebrate you always!Nile’s been doing a lot of pop-ups at breweries across Atlanta, so definitely check out their Instagram to keep up with them and be sure to come out and support if you can! Always remember that there are select items available online as well, visit to browse and shop the staple collections!Make sure you check out the links below to see the article from Shoutout Atlanta! Nile is such a hardworking artist with so much love and passion for their art, long hours and stressful days are always on the schedule, so please check out this lovely interview and always remember you can also show your support by sending a coffee or two on ko-fi! We thank you so much for your undying support, and we're so ready to see what’s coming in the near future! 

A special message from Nile: "I want to dedicate my shoutout to all of the people that have been there for me throughout this journey! Julio, Marjenee, Steph, Vivi, Mari, Nick and Angel, I know I probably don't say it enough but, you guys are my ROCK! Blood or not, you are my family and I couldn't imagine doing this without you! So, from my mom, brother, cousins/fam and besties, and to everyone that's allowed me to create something special for them, thank you SO MUCH for believing in me and helping me follow my dreams!" 

We love you back, Nile!

Click here to check out Nile's feature in Shoutout Atlanta!

Thank you for your never-ending support! Consider buying Nile a ko-fi, donations are always welcome!! 


- Steph