Hi everyone! ✨

First and foremost, let's all wish our founder, Nile, a VERY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And because we're in the celebration spirit, you can enjoy a special discount using the code QuarantineBirthday for 27% off your total purchase!

Photo and jewelry by: Nile Yang

We have LOTS of updates to our inventory, so please be sure to check out some of the new pieces in our collections! Aside from our stunning jewelry collections, don't forget to check out the t-shirts in the Manifest Collection, that's also available on our website.

Manifest Collection by Nile Yang

Be advised, due to recent events, we may experience a bit of delay getting your orders to you, but rest assured, we will do our best to get you looking and feeling amazing with our gorgeous pieces as soon as possible.

We truly hope you are all keeping yourselves and your families safe, and we can't wait to continue to update you guys on upcoming events and news about our brands! Be sure to check back to our blog for more information on special offers, new merch and other fun stuff! We'll be updating you all again soon. For now, please continue to be safe and follow us on social media! ❤️✨




Written by: Stephanie Bracero